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More About Dark Money

The Brennan Center for Justice at New York University’s Buying Time project has been tracking political ads in judicial races for more than 20 years.

You can find more information about secret or dark money on the following sites:

Preparing for Elections

Resources to Prepare for the Ohio Supreme Court Elections

We are at a critical point right now where state supreme courts are more important than ever. We have the power to shape our supreme court if we vote. There are three races for seats on the Ohio Supreme Court this year including a race for chief justice. 

The 2022 general Election Day is Tuesday, November 8. Ohioans, you must be registered to vote by October 11, and early in-person voting starts October 12.

The Ohio Supreme Court wields enormous power, yet it isn’t always obvious how to get to know the judicial candidates who may ultimately carry out this responsibility. Voters need to know whether a candidate will be fair, impartial, and independent in their administration of justice. Where other candidates for office can make campaign promises, judicial candidates cannot. 

Get to Know the Candidates 

There are some other resources that can also help:

  • Judicialvotescount.org is a voter guide hosted by the Ohio State Bar Association where Ohio voters can read what candidates say about themselves. 
  • The Ohio State Bar Association will release ratings of judicial candidates closer to the November election. Lawyers and other judges are asked to rate their experiences with the candidates and vote on whether they should be recommended or not recommended. Some candidates are found to be highly recommended. These Bar ratings can be used to gauge prospective judges’ and justices’ ability to perform their job.
  • Keep an eye on upcoming debates and forums. Soon, the Ohio Debate Commission is expected to announce upcoming judicial forums. This is an opportunity to hear directly from the candidates for the Ohio Supreme Court.