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Digging Deeper

Where else can voters get information about the candidates?

The Ohio Supreme Court can defend or undermine our rights. Voters need to know whether a candidate has the essential qualities to be a good judge: integrity, knowledge of the law, and freedom from bias so that they can apply the law fairly. However, it isn’t easy to get to know judicial candidates. Unlike other candidates, judicial candidates cannot make promises to voters or say anything about how they would rule in cases that they might decide in the future. This fact contributes to the disproportionate impact that dark money can have in these elections. 

You might be able to find out something about the judicial candidate through their own ads and the political ads running against them. But political ads are only a piece of the puzzle. Try to get to know the candidates. 

These resources can help:

  • is a voter guide hosted by the Ohio State Bar Association where Ohio voters can read what candidates say about themselves. 
  • Keep an eye on upcoming debates and forums. This is an opportunity to hear directly from the candidates for the Ohio Supreme Court. Sometimes you can ask the candidates questions. The League of Women Voters published this list of useful (and permissible) questions to ask judicial candidates. 
  • Follow the candidates on social media; google their names to find news articles and more; read their judicial opinions. 
  • Examine what organizations have endorsed each candidate.

Take a look at who has made campaign contributions on the Ohio Secretary of State’s website.