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The 2024 Ohio Supreme Court & Elections in the News

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Editorial: Jamison Over Forbes, Toledo Blade, February 23, 2024

Lisa Forbes in the Ohio Supreme Court Democratic primary for an unexpired term: endorsement editorial, The Cleveland Plain Dealer, February 21, 2024

Election: 2 appeals court judges square off in Democratic primary for Ohio Supreme Court, The Columbus Dispatch, February 18, 2024

Ohio Supreme Court considers Hamilton County robbery case. Former prosecutor sits on the bench, Ohio Capitol Journal, February 9, 2024

Ohio Democratic Supreme Court justice candidates lag in fundraising. One banked just $145. Cleveland.com, February 1, 2024

Ohio Supreme Court: costs for DeWine’s security detail at 2022 Super Bowl aren’t public record, Ohio Public Radio, January 24, 2024

Public Release of Governor Security Expenses Denied, Court News Ohio, January 23, 2024 

Can a judge play up a pro-life endorsement and slam others for calling redistricting rigged? Ohio Supreme Court Candidate Megan Shanahan has, Ohio Capital Journal, January 10, 2024

Seven candidates up for three Ohio Supreme Court seats to determine partisan balance of court, WCMH, January 4, 2024 

Candidates for Ohio Supreme Court seats make it official, Ohio Capital Journal, December 22, 2023

Judicial Election Integrity, Toledo Blade editorial, December 17, 2023

Democrat introduces bill requiring Ohio Supreme Court justices, court of appeals to appear on nonpartisan ballot, Ohio Capital Journal, December 13, 2023 

Analysis: A major battle for control of the Ohio Supreme Court is brewing, WVXU, November 29, 2023

Lisa Forbes, a Cuyahoga County appeals court judge, is running for Ohio Supreme Court, Cleveland.com/Plain Dealer, November 28, 2023

Election 2024: Who is running for Ohio Supreme Court?, Columbus Dispatch, November 27, 2023 

Cleveland Appellate Judge to Run for Ohio Supreme Court, Toledo Blade, November 27, 2023 

Increased efforts to require party labels in Ohio races, Spectrum News, November 11, 2023 

Ohio Supreme Court justice sues state officials over law requiring party affiliation on ballot, Cleveland.com/Plain Dealer, November 8, 2023 

Ohio Supreme Court justice sues to remove partisan labels from judicial races, WOSU, November 8, 2023

Supreme Court justice sues over Ohio law requiring certain judicial candidates to use party labels, Associated Press, November 8, 2023 

3rd Republican judge announces campaign for Ohio Supreme Court, Cleveland.com/Plain Dealer, May 15, 2023

Ohio GOP Endorses High Court Candidates but Argue over Deters, Toledo Blade, May 5, 2023 

Hamilton County Judge Megan Shanahan to run for Ohio Supreme Court in 2024, Cincinnati Enquirer, March 15, 2023