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“The Law and Order Candidates” mailer from the Ohio Republican Party

Added on October 17, 2022

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“Paid for” 

This mailer is straightforward. The text describes Justices Sharon Kennedy, Pat Fischer, and Pat DeWine as “Constitutional conservatives” and bears images of each justice with law enforcement. 

Who's responsible for this ad?

The ad is paid for by the Ohio Republican Party making “following the money” fairly simple. Contributions to all the Ohio Republican Party’s committees and accounts are available on the Ohio Secretary of State’s website

  • Total contributions to the Ohio Republican State Central & Executive Committee State Account (Jan. 2021-Post Primary 2022 Filing):   $1,526,559.28
  • Total contributions to the Ohio Republican State Central & Executive State Candidate Fund (January 2021- Post Primary 2022 Filing):    $4,974,514.09     

You can also take a deeper dive. Click here for contributions to the Ohio Republican Party’s accounts including Ohio Republican State Central & Executive Committee State Candidate Fund. These contributions were downloaded from the Ohio Secretary of State’s website. Column U, “Organizational Affiliation,” highlighted in yellow, was added to clearly identify the economic interests of both individual donors and Political Action Committees (PACs). 

Discussion and Analysis

Discussion and Analysis

Political party and the candidate committees are required to file a Pre-General election filing on October 27.  

Click here for information about campaign contribution limits. 

The Republican Party is often associated with being pro law enforcement. The GOP is  emphasizing its candidates’ support for law enforcement amid two unprecedented scandals that question its candidates’ law-and-order credentials. The first is an on-going bribery investigation by the FBI  that resulted in four indictments, including former House Speaker Larry Householder, a Republican. The second are the on-going federal, state and congressional investigations into former President Donald Trump, a Republican. Investigators are examined what role Mr. Trump played in the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol and efforts to overturn the 2020 election.

Law enforcement has emerged as a major issue in Supreme Court races. Two of the candidates – Kennedy and Fischer – have refused to acknowledge the legitimacy of Joe Biden’s election.