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Terri Jamison’s “Accessible to Everyone” TV Ad

Added on November 3, 2022

Watch the ad:

Ad text:

In this ad, Judge Terri Jamison says, “The Supreme Court should be accessible to everyone, not just the wealthy or powerful. It can provide checks and balances to those who overreach or abuse power. I am Judge Terri Jamison. The Supreme Court should be independent and treat everyone equally, with fairness, dignity, and respect, and keep the politics out of our highest court, because equal justice matters. Join me in taking a stand for justice. I ask for your vote. I’m Judge Terri Jamison.”

Who's responsible for this ad?

This is a traditional candidate ad paid for by the Committee for Terri Jamison. Contributions to candidates are available on the Ohio Secretary of State’s website.

The Brennan Center for Justice’s Buying Time project has been tracking political spending in state Supreme Court races. Click here for information about political ads and spending in the Ohio Supreme Court races this year. 

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Discussion and Analysis


The ad focuses on the candidate and her values and contrasts them with our state’s ongoing challenge addressing corruption.

This ad has citations to WOSU’s The Year in Scandal: Ohio Statehouse Plagued by Controversies in 2018, Columbus Monthly’s Matt Borges, Larry Householder and Ohio’s Corruptible Democracy, and Dayton Business Journal’s Study: Ohio Among the Most Corrupt States.