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Jennifer Brunner “Leader” Ad

Added on November 2, 2022

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Ad Text: 

In this ad, Jennifer Brunner says, “You know being Chief Justice requires a leader who has the courage to be independent of politics. As a justice of the Ohio Supreme Court, all my decisions have been bipartisan. My judicial philosophy is simple: do a good job as a good public servant should. Our courts must be fair and protect all of our rights. What holds our diverse state together is our values of quiet decency, honesty, fairness, and hard work.  As Chief Justice, I will reflect all these values in all I do for us.”

Who's responsible for this ad?

This is a traditional candidate ad paid for by the Jennifer Brunner committee. Contributions to candidates are available on the Ohio Secretary of State’s website.  The Brennan Center for Justice’s Buying Time project has been tracking political spending in state Supreme Court races. Click here for information about political ads and spending in the Ohio Supreme Court races this year. 

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Discussion and Analysis


This ad has an image of the candidate accepting the JFK Profile in Courage Award. US Ambassador Caroline Kennedy is on one side of Jennifer Brunner and late US Senator Ted Kennedy is on the other.  In 2008, she received the JFK Profile in Courage Award for her work as Ohio Secretary of State on ensuring the accuracy of electronic voting and implementing the option for all voters to select paper ballots.

Like many candidate ads, this one draws attention to Justice Brunner’s resume. This ad highlights in bullet points: 20+ years of experience, Former Appellate Court Judge, Former Secretary of State, and Former Common Pleas Court Judge.