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Jamison for Justice “Respect” Ad

Added on February 21, 2024

Watch the ad:

Ad Text: In this social media ad, Dr. Lauren Beene says, “Doctors must make tough decisions every day. We treat people with dignity and respect no matter their circumstances. The same should apply to our Supreme Court justices that’s why I support Terri Jamison. She’ll treat everyone equally and won’t play favorites.”

Jamison used this video as a television ad in 2022, then entitled “Tough Decisions”, during her campaign for Ohio Supreme Court. Repackaging campaign ads makes sense in the context of a primary election where she was not endorsed as the Democratic candidate and making ads can be cost prohibitive. 

Who's responsible for this ad?

This ad is paid for by Judge Jamison’s campaign, the Committee for Terri Jamison. In the 2023 campaign finance filings with the Ohio Secretary of State, Jamison’s campaign reported receiving 339 contributions. These contributions ranged from $1 to $100 and totaled $3,852.90. In the most recent filing, the committee reports having $6,056.63 on hand or available to spend. 

Discussion and Analysis

Context: Candidate ads sometimes include endorsements from individuals that are seen as trustworthy.