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“Can Ohioans Trust Justice Pat DeWine” from the HEAD PAC

Added on October 6, 2022

Watch the ad:

Ad text:

“Can Ohioans trust Pat DeWine, the son of Gov. Mike DeWine to be on Ohio’s Supreme Court? Maybe we should ask either of Pat’s ex-wives, the first of which he left when she was pregnant with their third child. Or the second who filed for divorce while alleging adultery, extreme cruelty and gross neglect of duty. It’s time for Pat DeWine to understand that just because he cheats on his wives he can’t cheat Ohioans on our state Supreme Court.”

Who's responsible for this ad?

This ad is paid for by a Political Action Committee, the Homebound Entrepreneurs Against DeWine (HEAD) PAC, registered with the Secretary of State. Travis Irvine of Bexley, Ohio registered the PAC. He is a former Libertarian candidate for GovClick here to see the donations to the HEAD PAC.  

Overview and discussion from Alan Johnson, retired Ohio Statehouse reporter:

This ad focuses entirely on character. It makes no mention of policy, court decisions or even DeWine’s political party. It directly attacks Pat DeWine on a personal level through two failed marriages – supported by newspaper articles about his divorces – in which he, at best, showed questionable behavior. The question is: can Ohio trust this guy after what he’s done in his personal relationships?

It’s especially troubling considering Pat is the son of a governor who prides himself on his image as the progenitor of a large, all-American family.

It further, by implication, raises questions about the connections and loyalties between son and father, particularly when Pat DeWine regularly makes decisions in cases in which his father is involved, directly or indirectly.

Is the ad fair? It’s certainly harsh, some will say overly focused on personality and not Pat DeWine’s worthiness of re-election.

But in the end, character foreshadows decision-making. It is hard to be firm and fair in decisions made with dirty hands.