It’s election season again…

And that means that there are ads in the mailbox, a deluge of ads on the television, and more candidate ads on social media. But who is responsible for these ads? Why are they spending so much money to try to influence your vote? What are they hoping to get out of it?

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It would be helpful if we were able to “follow the money” behind all the advertising. If we knew who was paying to try to sway our opinion, we could probably figure out why they were doing it and what they hoped to gain. But, unfortunately, it is often difficult to tell who is behind political ads, including those for judges and justices. And that is not an accident. Individuals and groups take pains to make it hard to see who is paying for ads by using “dark money” groups set up specifically to hide the source of funding. This makes it difficult for voters to figure out which candidates share their values and will work to promote the voter’s interests—not the interests of the dark money donors.

The Judge the Ads Project is encouraging Ohio voters to question and critique political ads. We are focusing on rooting out the source of funding for these dark money political ads, and giving voters tools so that they can make more informed choices about candidates running in the November 8, 2022 General Election. In addition to showing you how to “follow the money” as much as possible, we offer a number of other ways to get to know the candidates running for supreme court justice.

On the Judge the Ads Site, you will LEarn:

  1. About the Ohio Supreme Court, why we should care, the 2022 candidates, and judicial ethics.
  2. About “dark money” and the history of secret money in Ohio Supreme Court elections.
  3. How to evaluate current political ads and follow the money.

If you have seen an ad about a candidate for the Ohio Supreme Court, please share it with us